M. K. Reece


About The Author

All my life I loved to create stories, I loved to write and make my own worlds. I never searched for fame and fortune, I just wanted people to read my stories and see and live in the worlds I created. I always struggled with control and interaction with people, my stories helped me cope with it. I could control a story, the good, the bad, and the heartbreaking. I could live a different life and live through my characters. My stories helped me through depression and my low morale. All I want is to reach those few people who suffer the same as I have. To look to characters for comfort and live a different life through the pages of a book.

about the book

In the annals of history, the Vampyr had always been synonymous with darkness and predation, creatures that thrived on the lifeblood of the living, their existence shrouded in myths of terror and despair. But in the unexpected year of 2015, amidst the serene backdrop of a small Mississippi town, the lines between legend and reality began to blur for Thomas Lowrin. Betrayed by a trusted companion, he found himself ensnared in a fate he never fathomed – he became a Vampyr.

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